Silicone Earplug
  • Silicone Earplug

Silicone Earplug



  1. Professional noise-cancelling and sound-isolating earplugs;

  2. Environmentally friendly silicone,comfortable to wear.

  3. The small and soft in-ear design is comfortable to wear, fits the inner ear without foreign body feeling,and effectively blocks noise.

  4. The silicone in-ear earplugs have good ductility, excellent sound insulation effect,soft and comfortable touch, and no deformation;

  5. Using the technology of imitating the human auricle,the soft and comfortable material is more suitable for the human ear,and it will not cause pain when wearing it for a long time.

  6. Can be washed with water and can be reused after washing, which is clean, hygienic, safe and environmentally friendly.

  7. Please use clean water or hand sanitizer to clean, and put it in a ventilated place to dry and fully dry before reuse.


  1. Material:Nano Silica Gel

  2. Suitable:Men and women




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